We welcome trade inquiries from both Retail and Catering Service sectors. We would be delighted to assist in the sale and service of 'Martin's Hot Whiskey Spices' through Pubs, Clubs, Restaurants and Hotels together with sales through Retail Outlets, Gift Shops and Off-Licences.

Bar Glasses 01Catering Services: We have a designated Catering Trade Category within our On-Line Shop where you can order Packets of 'Spice Blends' together with our unique Infuser Spoons, Bar Top Tins and Glassware. We also support the catering outlets with point of sale items which will be included with your delivery. For a summery of all information prices and delivery you can download our Hot Whiskey Spice Catering Services Leaflet


Shopper Image 01Retail Trade: For more back ground on retailing opportunities request our Power-point presentation today! For regular quantities of our 32g Re-fill Cartons, and our Spices & Infuser Spoon Packs, please visit our online shop to order our designated Retail Trade Packs. 

For continual bulk supply to Retail Outlets/Chain Stores, or requests over and above our listed Retail Trade packs, please email  for assistance, or from our Contacts Page or by phoning the number below, we'd be delighted to hear from you!

Thank you for your interest

Martin's Hot Whiskey Recipe