Best Hot Whiskey Recipe

Martin's Hot Whiskey SpicesCreate the best Hot Whiskey / Hot Toddy, every time !

To start with you will need a packet of Martin’s Hot Whiskey Spice Blend, together with some Demerara Sugar (or you can opt for honey, amber sugar crystals or a sugar stick, if your entertaining) plus a fresh lemon. Oh, and not least, your favorite brand of whiskey on stand-by !

Choice of Whiskey.  When it comes to Whiskey, it’s very much a personal matter. You could be partial to an Irish Triple Distilled variety, or a Scotch Single Malt or a Blended type; even American Rye Whiskeys, such as Jack Danial’s and Jim Bean can also provide the worthiest of foundation to making the ideal Hot Whiskey /Hot Toddy. But with a bit of experimentation you’ll soon discoverContinue reading

Hot Whiskey? Any kind of Whiskey – yuk (or so I thought!)

Tipple of WhiskeyHow do you know you have Scots DNA running through your veins? Well with a mother’s maiden name like Macbeth, there really is no need for any additional investigation. You’d also think by that distinctive status there would be very little aversion to partaking in the nationally acclaimed pastime of drinking Whiskey? Erh no, quite the opposite in fact! Come hell or high water, the onset of any shivers brought with it that highly prized Scottish remedy the ‘Hot Toddy’, namely hot water, whiskey, honey or sugar and lemon. The medicinal part was obviously the vitimin C from the lemon, but in days gone by it wasn’t so renowned for its curative powers. Again in whatContinue reading