Best Hot Whiskey Recipe

Martin's Hot Whiskey SpicesCreate the best Hot Whiskey / Hot Toddy, every time !

To start with you will need a packet of Martin’s Hot Whiskey Spice Blend, together with some Demerara Sugar (or you can opt for honey, amber sugar crystals or a sugar stick, if your entertaining) plus a fresh lemon. Oh, and not least, your favorite brand of whiskey on stand-by !

Choice of Whiskey.  When it comes to Whiskey, it’s very much a personal matter. You could be partial to an Irish Triple Distilled variety, or a Scotch Single Malt or a Blended type; even American Rye Whiskeys, such as Jack Danial’s and Jim Bean can also provide the worthiest of foundation to making the ideal Hot Whiskey /Hot Toddy. But with a bit of experimentation you’ll soon discoverContinue reading