Starter Box 40


Get serving with this all inclusive kick-starter box of 120 servings plus all the essential ingredients and tools to create the ideal Hot Whiskey.

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Recipe Guide Plus
6 x Cocktail Infuser Spoons
5 x 32g Spice Packs (8 Servings Approx)
1 x Ginger Inclusion Pack
2 Stay Fresh Tins
1 Bar Top Preperation Tin.

Keep the Bar top clear, the spieces you’ve opened fresh, and the pre-loaded infuser spoons all together in this handy tin.

Price includes: Delivery to Ireland/NI –  VAT not chargable

Ingredients: Ginger, Cinnamon, All Spice Berries & Whole Cloves.
Allergen: May not be suitable for those with an nut allergy.

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Weight 512 g


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