Hot Whiskey & Super Foods – Yes you read that right !

In our last blog, we mentioned that if someone says they’re having a hot whiskey for medicinal purposes, in part it could very well be true!  Whilst the recipe possess that unmistakable quality, to hit the right spot on a cold winters day, we’ve  added a little more detail as to the Super-foods you will be consuming when savouring this winter warmer in front of the fireside. Yes, super food levels of anti-oxidants, anti-bacterial properties for fighting infections, and boosting the immune system, plus properties that deal directly with heart disease, diabetes, blood pressure and neurological deterioration to name just a few! Wow, wow, so what is it that you have in your glass apart from a shot of excellent Whiskey? Certainly, the last paragraph will remove any last remnants guilt for having the devils liqueur washing by your tonsils, but really, is worth dedicating the remainder of the article to the stars of the show. Our Hot Whiskey Spices and Recipe includes:

Cinnamon LooseCinnamon: Perhaps the highest source of anti-oxidants of all the super-foods, it’s especially useful in the Colon in preventing certain types of cancers. The spice also contains useful Anti-inflammatory properties.  Using Cinnamon can also protect the Heart, helping to avoid strokes and heart disease, by reducing high cholesterol levels, high triglyceride levels, addressing high blood pressure and promotes tissue-repairing qualities. The spice also helps fight diabetes by improving sensitivity to the insulin hormone, defends against cognitive deterioration, and protects Brain function by stimulating neuro-protective proteins. The essential oils are also effective in fighting viruses, infections, fungal infections and boosting the immune system. As an ingredient, Cinnamon is found to be a natural way of sweetening instead of using sugar.

Whole ClovesCloves:  Know to aid digestion, ease gastric irritability dyspepsia and nausea. Has a history of being been used for its amazing anti-bacterial properties and in containing the spread of diseases such as Cholera. Cloves are of interest for their anti-carcinogenic properties and for a high level of anti-oxidants that are especially protective of the liver. The spice aids Diabetes control, as Cloves are found to mimic insulin, and useful in the preservation of bone density erosion. Anti-mutagenic properties also exist, as too the ability to boost the imune system by raising the white blood cell count. Used orally Cloves are an active cure against gingivitis and gum disease, they were also considered as an Aprodisiac in medieval times !

All Spice Berries LooseAll-spice Berries:  The eugenol found in these berries eliminates most digestive issues, though to be avoided if there’s a history of ulcers or colitis. The anti-inflammatory aspect is known to ease cramps. Certain analgesic components acts as a pain reliever, increases circulation, protects the gastrointestinal system, boost the immune system, eliminates fungal infections such as gum disease, lowers blood pressure, and as a vasodilator these berries help combat heart disease. All-Spice Berries have been used to offer relief to sufferers of  arthritis, gout, muscle aches and hemmoriods. As a super food, it’s also a potent anti-oxidant with very high levels of vitamin C and A.

Ginger LooseGinger:  Loaded with nutrients and an element known as gingerol, its root is a high-level anti-oxidant with excellent anti- inflammatory properties, thereby helping reduce muscular pain, including those experiencing the menstrual cycle. Ginger eases nausea, morning sickness and aids in the dramatic reduction of blood sugar levels in Diabetic cases, improves overall well-being and in eliminating risk factors connected with heart disease. Ginger is also known for the speeding up of the digestive process, beneficial to those with gastric issues. ‘6-Gingerol’, in recent studies is also considered an active agent in addressing certain types of cancers.

 Slice of LemonLemon: A great source of Vitimin C, far higher than oranges, indeed one lemon is the equivalent of 187% of your daily intake ! Also included are the minerals potassium, copper and magnesium essential for the body’s absorption of other nutrients. Lemon is also an active agent in aiding digestion and liver function, and is used to combat scurvy. The negatively charged ions in lemon also aid the production of collagen in the skin and aid white blood cell production vital for your immune system.

And finally . . . . .

Martin's Hot Whiskey Product In GlassWhiskey:  Surprised it’s in this list ? Whiskey has an ability to aid weight loss, slow down the onset of dementia, improve heart health, prevent and manage diabetes, eliminate blood clots, strengthen the immune system and fight against cancer! Whiskey is one of the healthiest forms of alcohol available, low in sodium and containing no fat, the sugars are not complex and therefore readily used as energy.  Elegiac acid a powerful anti –oxidant contained in alcohol, is known to fight the free radicals, not only associated with the onset of cancer, but also associated with the destruction of neural pathways which Whiskey Brands Martin's Hot Whiskeycontribute to dementia. Whiskey can reduce that decline; though it has to be taken in moderation, as drinking to excess actually does the opposite. Studies have has also concluded those who consume a moderate amount of whiskey on a regular basis have almost a 50% lower chance of experiencing a stroke or heart attack, which is exceptional news for those at risk of cardiovascular issues. So go and  enjoy !

Martin's Hot Whiskey Spices & InfuserAnd on that note we conclude, a little of something is indeed good for you ! Remember you can obtain a carton of our Hot Whiskey Spices, and our infuser spoon packs from our online shop.  Send one as a gift, or indeed keep a stash in the cupboard just for you!

Martin's Hot Whiskey Recipe


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