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How to make the best hot whiskey

How to make the best hot whiskey

Considering some 10 million cases of Irish Whiskey purchased worldwide, there’s sure to be someone, somewhere putting the kettle on to make themselves a Hot Toddy, or as we call it a in Ireland, a Hot Whiskey. Likewise, as there’s many a whiskey enthusiast out there joining tasting clubs and exploring the varied skillful creations of Scottish and Irish Distilleries, we have great gifts for men, and gift for her too, with our unique Gourmet Hot Toddy/Hot Whiskey Spices. Discover more.

Martin's Hot Whiskey, Hot Toddy

Martin’s Hot Whiskey, Hot Toddy

Blended to perfection having traveled extensively to sample the offerings of Gourmet Restaurants, Top Hotels and small rural pubs, we believe we’ve discovered the very best way to create the ultimate heart warming Hot Whiskey/Hot Toddy every time. What’s more, obtaining a packet of our Whiskey Spices, also means there will be less rummaging around the back of the cupboards looking for many of those illusive ingredients, when the mood takes you. In each pack you’ll also discover two great recipe ideas to follow to spice up your favourite winter cocktail. As an ideal little gift for men or stocking filler gift for her, or even if you’ve no intention of ‘sharing’, what better amusement there could be

Martin's Hot Whiskey Gift Ideas

Great Gift Ideas

than to take time and experiment on a special day. With the dried ginger root we enclose in every carton, you can all so create a great ‘Hot Whiskey Mac’ flavour!

A steaming glass of Hot Whiskey is often consumed during the winter months to ward off colds, or just as a gentle restorative treat in front of a cosy hot fire. And as such, Martin’s Hot Whiskey Spices makes for a great gift idea, and as mention before there’s plenty of Christmas present ideas, or indeed why not make an unusual winter birthday surprise. As a  gift for him what not combine with a bottle of his favourite, or indeed wrap together with our ‘Hot Whiskey Glasses’ as a gift for her. Our Gift packs include a 32g Carton of our Spices which providing approximately 8 servings together with our specially designed infusers spoon. Once loaded and placed in to the glass, you can spend the evening twisting and stirring the deep aromatic spice flavours, and letting them steep and infuse, leaving you with that superb heart warming after taste a Martin’s Hot Whiskey will offer. That’s certainly less like the wet watery hot toddy’s of old !

If you’re also in party mode for Christmas and New Year, why not make use of our ‘Party Catering Pack’, a superb idea for those Winter Martin's Hot Whiskey, Hot Toddy Party PackWeddings too. On a cold day at the Church, or on arrival at the Reception venue, or simply available as you greet your guests whilst hanging up their winter coat’s, a jug of pre-prepared Martin’s Hot Whiskey, is a welcome treat, and will have your party buzzing in no time.

When looking for gift’s for men, great gift’s for her, or novel gift ideas, Christmas gift ideas, party packs, Hot Whiskey/Hot Toddy Glassware, or even re-fills and infusers, follow our links here and shop today. Remember to give us a like on Face book too we’re great fun to follow !


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