Martins Hot Whiskey ImagesThe creation of Martin's Hot Whiskey Spice Blend & Recipe, was in response to a number of totally disastrous attempts to make, what should be, a rich and heart warming hot drink! Yes, the kind of beverage that you can rap around in front of a cosy roaring fire to savor for the evening  - escaping the rigors of the day! And, of course it happens to us all that when we fancy that little something to hit 'the spot', we often find ourselves scurrying around in the back of a cupboard (or 'the press' as they say in Ireland ) hoping upon hope those vague little ingredients somehow miraculously materialize in front of our eyes!

Martin's Hot Whiskey Kettle & GlassTo add to the frustration time honored recipes handed down by our grand folk were often a bit makeshift affair in themselves, and of course subject to the vagaries of time and memory. So, to ensure that everyone can replicate the best 'Hot Whiskey' on the planet, we've crafted a recipe in our Artisan Kitchen in Limerick, Ireland, that takes on-board not just the good old traditional ingredients, but a couple a more which add an amazing depth and dimension to this age old classic. To complement, we've also taken the opportunity to develop a specially designed 'cocktail' infuser spoon to maximise those flavors and to complete the perfect picture of tranquility, taste and indulgence.

We hope you find the 'Hot Whiskey' recipe featured on this site (and on our packaging) both useful and interesting. And of course the novel gift ideas which feature in our on-line shop. If not for you, someone somewhere would be very delighted to enjoy either a long forgotten taste of home, or indeed a new and vibrant way to enjoy a favorite tipple.


(an Irish toast to good health)

Martin's Hot Whiskey Recipe